The compound is very interesting since it has very similar effects to steroids like Winstrol and Oxandrolone and can lead to a solid increase in muscle mass and strength. Clenbuterol causes a increase in muscle protein and thus has a strong anti-catabolic effect. Many athletes use this to their advantage at the end of a steroid cycle to reduce the resultant loss in muscle usually experienced during this phase.

The other very important effect Clenbuterol has is on the fat-burning process. The use of this compound can lead to fat burning without dieting because it increases the body┬┤s metabolism. The combination of properties, burning fat, while reducing muscl3e loss is naturally what makes Clenbuterol so popular. Just about every bodybuilder uses it during the competition phase or to reduce fat stores. The combination of Clenbuterol and LT3-thyroid hormone can have seriously dramatic effects on the reduction of body fat stores.

Because it does not affect the bodies hormone system, women also enjoy the compound for obvious reasons. Side effects that are temporary and subside within a few days with continuation of use include palpitations, shaking of the hands and fingers, increased blood pressure, headache, insomnia and sometimes muscle spasms